R. A. Revis

Author R. A. Revis was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada and has been a fan of fantasy novels for almost as long as he has been able to read. His first novel, The Dark Times Saga: The Black Forest, is fueled by his fascination of the paranormal and the supernatural, including his love of ancient history and religions. Release date for The Dark Times Saga: The Black Forest by R A Revis, is July 14th, 2021.

(Photo by: Laesha Barnhart)
Dark Times Saga: The Black Forest is a tale of good versus evil, light versus dark, and takes place on a fictional new continent far west of medieval England. It’s a story that intertwines myths with reality during an apocalyptic time for the world. The story takes place during a gothic Arthurian age where monsters of myth and legend were all too real and the dawn of science was fast approaching. This novel will appeal to people who enjoyed “Game of Thrones”, “The Witcher”, “Lord of the Rings”, and other fantasy adventure novels with a dark foreboding tale, that include rich believable characters and a setting within a historical backdrop of a grim world filled with horrors that lurk in the night.

The Dark Tree has now returned to the world of Eden. It is an entity as old as the planet itself, perhaps even older, rooted in myth and lore of various civilizations. Disturbed by the settlers that have landed on its shores and is aided with the most unlikely of allies. This Dark Tree, has taken the form of an evil goddess, that has been planted in a place of primal and unholy power, giving the entity unlimited negative energy to feed upon. She will resurrect ancient gods and monsters that walked the earth before time was time, all the while plotting a campaign of horror.

It is now up to an aging Templar with a mysterious past, a rowdy Slavic ranger, a feisty female alchemist, and a scribe turned squire, all gathered together in an unlikely alliance to stop the Dark Gods from reclaiming the continent of Voskavia. The settlers must survive the corrupt nobles, paranormal plagues, monsters, cultists, and creatures that are all too real and dead set on bringing in a new age of darkness to the continent and beyond. They will have to fight for survival, using their wit, skill, and above all else, relying on one another if they are to see the next day.

The Dark Times Saga: The Black Forest, will leave you breathless and waiting for book two as it takes you deep into the mind of R. A. Revis.