Ziva Bakman-Flamhaft

Dr. Ziva Bakman-Flamhaft is a lecturer in Political Science at Queens College/CUNY, a Fulbright scholar, and a writer and a memoirist. Dr. Bakman-Flamhaft has appeared in numerous academic conferences in the US and abroad and has been a guest lecturer and a speaker in other forums, including radio and TV. Her memoir War Widow: How the Six Day War Changed my Life was self-published in 2017 (Create Space); her book Israel on the Road to Peace: Accepting the unacceptable was published in 1996 (Westview Press). She has also published articles, book reviews and book chapters on the Middle East, Israel, Zionism, and women and war, including “From Sufferers to Activists: Israeli and Palestinian Women Talk on War, Bereavement and Peace” (Women’s Policy Journal of Harvard, May-June 2002), and “Iron Breaks Too”(Valentine M. Moghadam (ed.), Empowering Women: Participation, Rights, and Women’s Movements in the Middle East North Africa, and South Asia (Syracuse University Press, 2007). Two chapters from what eventually became her memoir appeared in Women’s Studies Quarterly (Spring/Summer 2010) and Lilith (Fall 2010).


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